Eastern Sierra Wildlife Care is dedicated to helping native wildlife through rehabilitation of injured, ill and orphaned birds, mammals, and reptiles and by furthering public knowledge and appreciation of wildlife through education.

Eastern Sierra Wildlife Care rehabilitates wildlife in need of help with the goal of restoring them to the free, wild and natural life that is their birthright. Songbirds, hawks, owls, water birds, and small mammals are brought to us from as far north as Bridgeport and Walker and as far south as Olancha.

Most animals are rescued from roadsides or backyards by compassionate individuals. In some cases, ESWC may send a rescue team.

Eagle Rescue Video

This YouTube video was Published on Apr 15, 2015:

A heartwarming story of the rescue, rehab and release of a Golden Eagle.

Rarely Seen Sora Rescued from Dixon Flood

I'd like to share some photos of a rare (in rehab) baby Sora (a member of the Rail family. These small, 7", well-camouflaged marsh birds are fairly common in our area, but rarely seen. She was rescued from the Dixon canal just after flooding carried the newly-hatched, 6 gram bird from her nest area. It has been a major challenge to raise her as I could find no rehabbers who have ever raised this species.

Sometimes Miracles Happen!

At Eastern Sierra Wildlife Care’s hospital, most wild birds and mammals arrive with injuries from a wide variety of causes—fractured wings and legs from vehicle hits, head injuries from impacts with cars or windows, lacerations from cats and dogs and fishhooks. Baby animals fall from nests or are dug up by dogs, separated from their moms or moms are killed. We examine and diagnosis their problems. Some can be helped, some cannot. And sometimes, miracles happen

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